The Supreme Court.

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The Supreme Court.

Post by Theophilus on Tue Jun 23, 2009 3:13 am

I wanted to start this thread because Put It Out There Baby has a lot to say when it comes to the Supreme Court, and the constitution.

I cannot find in the constitution where it talks of how many people should be on the court. Near as I can tell we could have 17 Supreme court justices.

The tenth amendment is what interests me a lot. It talks of providing that powers not granted to the national government nor prohibited to the states are reserved to the states or the people. Meaning near as I can tell that the federal government is supposed to have less power than the states.

So Roe vs. Wade comes along. Now I am not saying women do not have a right to choose. Though according to the constitution, you do. though only through your state, and how the people in the state feel about that issue.

What Roe vs. Wade did was increase the power of the federal government. It took away states rights and is clearly unconstitutional. In my opinion.

What this did was now allow the federal government to have more control over the states. I don't think this was the they way it was supposed to be.

Then of course there was the Bork thing. He just told the Senate how he viewed subjects according to the constitution, and was run out of town for telling the truth. It is called being Borked. Since than every supreme court justice who is considered for a position on the high court is prepared to give answers that really say nothing as far as how they might judge. Now because of the worry of being "Borked".

That we have no idea how one might judge until they are on the court judging is pretty messed up. Even if I disagree with Bork on some issues, he was a great American for being truthful. Though sadly we now have a very weak process of filling the seats of our supreme court. I truly find it disturbing the dog and pony show that has become the selection of our next judge to the highest court in the land.


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